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Royal Albert Hall Governance questions; can you help? Update

September 4, 2014

The Royal Albert Hall and its governance arrangements. This subject has recevievd more hits on my blog than any other, so I’m reblogging


I published this blog about the governance of the Albert Hall back on 18th April, because I was intrigued at its anachronistic governance arrangements.Seemingly,the issue had been solved – trustees or their relatives would no longer be permitted to sell their ticket allocation on the open market at a profit. But, although the Governing Council passed this byelaw after discussions with the Charity Commission, the Annual Meeting of of the Hall voted in June to reverse the new stance and revert to the status quo ante. An interesting situation; let’s all watch this space to see whether the Charity Commission will intervene or whether it is toothless in this matter. See also:<a href=”” title=”The Royal Albert Hall andGovernance”>

The governance of the Royal Albert Hall is an interesting by-product of charity history. Of its 23 trustees, 5 are nominated by public bodies (such as Imperial College), while the…

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